Let’s Celebrate Plus Size Fashion Year with Style & Savings

by: CouponerStore Mar 02, 2016

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Have you ever seen plus size fashion shows? If not, you must have missed some hot sensations. Plus size models are sexier than any other ones that give you feel and confidence that size doesn’t matter to look sexy and attractive. In fact these fashion shows are giving vibes that being ‘skinny’ is no more fashionable but being curvy is.

Plus size women were never important to fashion corporate that had caused many problems to over-sized fashion lover women. Lane Bryant was first person who thought about them and initially introduced clothing for "Expectant Mothers and Newborn" in 1900s. Afterwards she presented her collection under the label “For the Stout Women” in 1920s. Her definition of plus size was any woman having 38–56 inch bust line.

Characterization of Plus Size women by Lane Bryant was very justified unlike the plus size definition in 2014. It’s appalling to know that size 6 was ACTUALLY plus size then. Some dreadful definitions by fashion world do affect the people and prepare their minds to do anything to realize that definition. If you’re lucky enough to not get disturbed with predefined identifications you’ve actually achieved something great in life. You’ve saved yourself from eating disorders, hormonal changes, and many other horrible things that could happen to your mind and body.

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After Lane Bryant, Eden Miller is the one who rebuilt and renovated the Plus Size image in fashion world by introducing the first ever Plus Size Fashion Show in 2013. Since then it has become the hot debate topic. Whatever has been under debates, a common person is only being benefited because of it. Today being called plus size is no more embarrassment. Following Eden Miller there has been many outclass Plus Size Fashion Shows and campaigns promoting and glamorizing this approach to encourage ‘fashion for all’ and ‘curves deserve fashion’ ideas. One of them is SwimSuits for All who has run astounding campaign with the slogan “All women can be sexy at every curve”.

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Curves are always hot and now plus size is indeed a new beauty term. To celebrate this charm many brands are offering attractive plus size deals and offers that make this beauty affordable to all classes. You might not get deals and coupons for Ralph Lauren, Gucci, or Calvin Klein. But you can surely get the latest Lane Bryant Coupons.

 We live in the world of diversity where sizes and tastes are disparate. Acknowledging this fact plus size clothing isn’t confined to just one particular type. There is variety of plus size bridal dresses, formal to semiformal and informal dresses, plus size swimsuits, and sportswear as well. Stores like Macy’s and Kohls also have separate sections for Plus Size Dresses and for convenience online Macy’s and Kohls deals and shopping facility is also available.

After humongous acceptance of plus size revolution everybody seems happy. Women are no more over conscious about their sizes to feel proud and confident. Plus Size models, like Ashley Graham, are amazing source of inspiration and proof of that. But fashion world (including TV, media, and magazines) role is not enough up till now. There’s need to do much more for plus size dresses. Ashley Stewart recently shared the difficulties she had to face to find the properly fitted dress for her for Oscars, but God, she was looking amazingly hot in that.

Fortunately common people has no much worries because for them there is wide range of plus size dresses and coupons available that they can wear in office, parties, at home, and on beaches. Do have a look on online Ashley Stewart coupon codes, hot Igigi coupons, and desiring forever21 offers on plus size clothing. Their models will leave you with pleasantly poise and hot vibes and their online coupons and deals will satisfy you to be beautiful in budget.

Stay Healthy, Be Beautiful!